Midnight Oil


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Basement Flat

Written by Rotsey/Garrett/Moginie

Duration 4:33

From the album Place Without A Postcard

Must be time for a second chance
I can't escape this basement flat
Writers cramp and claustrophobia
Must be time for a better place
My sink leaks and the rats have won the race
Over and over

What can I do
There must be some solution

Must be time for a new idea
Pack up my things get away from here
They're never going to trace me

People upstairs make so much noise
Drive me mad with their electrical toys
Louder and Louder

If you stay in my pen,
Don't turn your radio up loud
Don't bring no pets
No animals
No TV sets
No girlfriends there
Don't come around
Don't be undone
Don't steal the faith
Don't make it right
And one more thing
Don't fight
Don't steal
Don't come...