Midnight Oil


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The Real Thing

The Real Thing2000
  1. The Real Thing
  2. Say Your Prayers
  3. Spirit Of The Age
  4. Feeding Frenzy
  5. Tell Me The Truth
  6. The Dead Heart
  7. Tin Legs And Tin Mines
  8. Short Memory
  9. In The Valley
  10. Blue Sky Mine
  11. US Forces
  12. Warakurna
  13. Truganini
  14. The Last Of The Diggers

Album Notes

Midnight Oil is:
Martin Rotsey [guitar].
Rob Hirst [drums, singing and percussion].
Bones Hillman [bass and singing].
Peter Garrett [singing and harmonica].
Jim Moginie [guitar, singing, organ, autoharp and harmonium].

Additional Musicians:
Say Your Prayers - Stewart Kirwan [trumpet], Andrew Bickers [tenor sax], Anthony Kable [trombone].
In The Valley, Warakurna, Truganini - Chris Abrahams [piano and organ], Basheri [percussion].
Feeding Frenzy, Tell Me The Truth, The Dead Heart, Tin Legs And Tin Mines, Short Memory, Blue Sky Mine, US Forces - Chris Abrahams [piano and organ], Sunil de Silva [percussion].
The Dead Heart - Charlie McMahon [didgeridoo].

Management Gary Morris
Office Arlene Brookes, Craig Allen. Publicity Jones PR...
Thanks to our production crew for a job well done: Colin Ellis, Nick Elvin, Kevin Farrant, Frank Gormley, Shane Loadsman, Michael Mildren, Willie MacInnes, Doc Nelson, John Vasey, Barry Woods.
Special thanks to our families, friends, fans and supporters.
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