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Species Deceases

Species Deceases1985
  1. Progress
  2. Hercules
  3. Blossom And Blood
  4. Pictures

Album Notes

We are still alive and grateful for it. Choosing the Hiroshima 40 year theme, went into the studio and put these four songs to tape, ie. plugged in and played - no machine music, technology, in the back seat. The result you are now listening to, possible subtitle "Volume Rules".
And now onto serious things; looking at exponential maintain reaching gun races, listening to same tired omnicidal immoral arguments, bribed generals, pathetic politicians, one and two party states such waste, more fear; must be time for an international year of peace.

Well this is ours to deal with, stop the drop still means something, ours to make or unmake, songs to sing; this record part of the new world; say "...people; before, instead, despite, above and beyond "Bombs". Felt strangly that the returns should be put to constructive means, hence a Midnight Oil peace/planet trust, an above the board board - grants to those in need, usefulness that we hope will carry on to a n-free Oz we want, need-no-demand!

With more than a nod to the intense efforts of Gary Morris haustalking to business people in strange countries with strange accents, Stephanie Lewis, cool head and warm heart; plus all the family, you know who you are. Recorded at Paradise Studios in Darlinghurst, over a quick five days in September. Produced by Midnight Oil and Francois Kevorkian, engineered by David Price, assisted ably by Tom Colley. Mixed by Midnight Oil and David Price.
Artwork concept, Midnight Oil and philip Ellett.
Thanks to the Museum of Victoria.