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[Powderworks] Re: More Notes On Orem

CYakaAL@aol.com CYakaAL@aol.com
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:33:56 EDT

Thursday, July 18th


Having stood towards the back of the arena all I can say is, "WAY TO GO 
UTAH".  The crowd was very receptive from the start.  Those on the floor and 
towards the front on the sides were more gregarious then their counterparts 
towards the back, but every song received a wave of exuberance from the 
entire crowd.  The place holds 8500 and I estimated there to be 6000 in the 

Yes, there was some stupidness going on in the front rows which brought out a 
Peter rant about mosh pitting being passe. 

Just a little note in regard to the set list which changed during the show 
and I think for the better.

The original list had the Oils finishing in the following order;
Forgotten Years

The band moved Forgotten Years to the encore and dropped Hercules.  While I 
love Hercules I think finishing with Forgotten Years was a good choice being 
that the crowd seem to identify more with the so called "hits" than other 
material.  But don't get more wrong they were very receptive to all the 
material, but the hits brought them to minor frenzy.  

That is all,