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[Powderworks] New shows on the FTP server

John Palmer snoopy7110@comcast.net
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 17:46:01 -0400

Is there some sort of trick to this? ... I put in
ftp://midnightoil.dyndns.org into my browser and it takes me nowhere.  Any
hep appreciated.


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Subject: [Powderworks] New shows on the FTP server

> Hey all!
> Three shows from last May (Seattle 5/10, Vancouver 5/12, Calgary 5/14)
> have been uploaded as MP3s to the FTP server at midnightoil.dyndns.org
> (user "midnight", password "oil").  They're in the uploads/2002shows
> directory, and each is available in both 160kbps and 320kbps so folks
> can choose audio quality vs. download speed.
> All were recorded using a Sony minidisc machine with Coresounds mikes,
> if I recall.  Seattle was recorded from the frontish row of the balcony;
> Vancouver and Calgary from the center floor a few rows from the front.
> Calgary has the best sound;  Vancouver would be equal except for the
> noisy crowd who can't sing for beans.  Seattle's not bad, but suffers
> a bit from the non-ideal recording position.  Perhaps the individual
> who did the recording could elaborate if anyone's interested.
> The only audible glitch in any of these files is in Mosquito March from
> Vancouver; at 2:47.3 there's a 0.15s dropout that I'm not sure what
> to do with.  It's in the minidisc source -- the recorder guy thought a
> dust particle might've gotten in there, or something.  If anyone more
> knowlegeable than I has a good idea how to fix it or at least make it
> better, let me know and I can give you the original .wav to play with.
> Since the shows were longer than would fit onto one minidisc, each
> show has one song about 3/4 of the way through where the first few
> seconds are missing because of having to eject the full disc and load
> an empty one.  This was done between songs but the machine takes a few
> moments to get going again, so... oh well.
> These three shows (and more, likely) will be treed in the near future,
> so be patient and all good things will come to you.  :)  In the mean
> time, enjoy the MP3s... that's why they're there.
> (By the way, I don't admin that FTP server;  I just got the info from
> another Powderworker.  I was just about ready to bring my own server
> on line when I heard about this one, so there it is.  If the admin is
> reading this, would you mind dropping me a line? -- I've got a couple
> questions for you.  Thanks.)
> Enjoy,
> Andy
> Oh yeah, the track lists:
> ===========================================
> Seattle, WA, 2002-05-10, Moore Theater
> 01-Been Away Too Long
> 02-Too Much Sunshine
> 03-Truganini
> 04-Under the Overpass
> 05-Drums of Heaven
> 06-Luritja Way
> 07-Tin Legs and Tin Mines
> 08-Now or Never Land
> 09-Blue Sky Mine
> 10-US Forces
> 11-Say Your Prayers
> 12-Golden Age
> 13-Redneck Wonderland
> 14-King of the Mountain
> 15-River Runs Red
> 16-Concrete
> 17-The Dead Heart
> 18-Dreamworld
> 19-A Crocodile Cries
> 20-Mosquito March
> 21-Beds Are Burning
> 22-Forgotten Years
> 23-Tell Me the Truth
> 24-Read About It
> ===========================================
> Vancouver, BC, 2002-05-12, Commodore Ballroom
> 01-Been Away Too Long
> 02-World That I See
> 03-My Country
> 04-Bullroarer
> 05-Surf's Up Tonight
> 06-Drums of Heaven
> 07-A Crocodile Cries
> 08-Mosquito March
> 09-Luritja Way
> 10-Warakurna
> 11-Now or Never Land
> 12-US Forces
> 13-Comfortable Place on the Couch
> 14-No Reaction
> 15-Golden Age
> 16-King of the Mountain
> 17-The Dead Heart
> 18-Forgotten Years
> 19-Blue Sky Mine
> 20-Beds Are Burning
> 21-Redneck Wonderland
> 22-In the Valley
> 23-Dreamworld
> ===========================================
> Calgary, AB, 2002-05-14, MacEwan Hall
> 01-Been Away Too Long
> 02-Too Much Sunshine
> 03-Bullroarer
> 04-Under the Overpass
> 05-Drums of Heaven
> 06-A Crocodile Cries
> 07-Mosquito March
> 08-Luritja Way
> 09-E-Beat
> 10-Tin Legs and Tin Mines
> 11-US Forces
> 12-Golden Age
> 13-Only the Strong
> 14-Truganini
> 15-King of the Mountain
> 16-The Dead Heart
> 17-Forgotten Years
> 18-Blue Sky Mine
> 19-Beds Are Burning
> 20-Dreamworld
> 21-Redneck Wonderland
> ===========================================
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