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Renaissance Man

Moginie/Garrett/Rotsey 4:41
From the album Earth And Sun And Moon

Well I told you about the forest and trees and the chlorophyll green
Yes I told you the birds will endure flutter wings dance on leaves

Hold onto dreams, hold onto dreams tonight

Well I told you about the high pressure cell coming down on the breeze
And I know that the things you can't see they are hard to believe

Hold onto dreams, hold onto dreams tonight

A new world order has been formed
Between the cheque book and the dawn
A new renaissance man is born

Renaissance man are you ready
Renaissance man
Renaissance man are you ready
See what a world that you can make

Well I heard about the spirit of life is it flickering still
Yes I heard that the dark bellied angel's come running up the hill

Hold onto dreans, hold onto dreams tonight

Smash and grab the women and child all the souls are growing
Wild stripped so bare well the universe stares it's so close to home
That we got to share with you so many genuine things surround
You wild weather man well it still confounds you cast away the
Greed and death machine and bytes and abacus and lights
And hold onto your dreams tonight

So you found a hard won friend
To hold your hand and hold your head
A new renaissance to defend

Hold onto dreams, hold onto dreams tonight

Where are we going to be in 3033 what's spinning round your brain

Are you a renaissance man or are you a renaissance woman
If you jump out an angel will give you wings

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2001 - 2004

Band Members

Jim Moginie
Jim Moginie - Alas Folkloric
Rob Hirst
Ghostwriters - Political Animal
Hirst and Greene
Angry Tradesmen
Peter Garrett
Bones Hillman
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