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Midnight Oil 1978Midnight OilThe debut album is basically the Oils playing a live set to tape. Full of enthusiasm and great ideas.
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Head Injuries 1979Head InjuriesA classic rock album.
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Bird Noises 1980Bird NoisesFour track EP, famously recorded at The music Farm in Byron Bay while fellow Aussie rock legends Cold Chisel were passing through.
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Place Without A Postcard 1981Place Without A PostcardThe epitome of Australian sounding rock, this album couldn't have been made by anyone else. Although, ironically, it was recorded in England.
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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 198210, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1A breakthrough album. The first to feature glossy, radio-friendly production, it stayed in the Australian charts for two years.
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Red Sails In The Sunset 1984Red Sails In The SunsetRecorded in Tokyo, an aural soundscape without parallel.
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Species Deceases 1985Species DeceasesA back-to-basics rock recording, with all proceeds donated to charity.
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Diesel And Dust 1987Diesel And DustDiesel reached the pinnacle of album sales for the Oils, with over 2 million copies sold worldwide. It was inspired by a tour of outback Australia, playing gigs to aboriginal settlements.
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Blue Sky Mining 1990Blue Sky MiningSlick production and amazing songs.
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Scream In Blue 1992Scream In BlueThe Oils first official live album was released as a stopgap while the band had a well earned break from touring and recording.
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Earth And Sun And Moon 1993Earth And Sun And MoonWith a stripped back sound, the bands awesome musicianship shines through n this gem.
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Breathe 1996BreatheBreathe is the most laid-back Oils recording, partly recorded in New Orleans. Although it still has its blistering guitar moments. A great rainy day album.
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20 000 Watt RSL 199720 000 Watt RSLThe 'greatest hits' package, which contained two new tracks at the time, later included on Redneck Wonderland.
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Redneck Wonderland 1998Redneck WonderlandThe 'angry album', a reaction to the right-wing political climate in Australia at the time. Sees the Oils depart from the more laid back sounds they had been producing for a while and unleash the loud, noisy rock again.
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The Real Thing 2000The Real ThingA hybrid album, part live, part new studio material. The four new songs could have made a great standalone EP, but they have been combined with some 'unplugged' style live recordings from the bands career to create an eclectic mix.
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Capricornia 2001CapricorniaThe final Oils album, it was partly inspired by the book Capricornia by Xavier Herbert, a fictional tale set in the early days of white settlement in Australia. The album is one of the bands most accomplished, a collection of songs evoking essential Australian-ness.
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